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Our Corporate Department is headed by Maria Christine Alexander, CTC.  Christine is a native of the East Bay with a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of San Francisco.  She is a world traveler and a dog fancier.  With many years of experience in corporate travel planning at a mega-agency,  Christine brings to Northside Travel's Corporate Department lots of ideas to improve our service to the business traveler.

Here are the services you can expect from our Corporate Department:

  • Individual itineraries - We create itineraries based on both the individual's needs as well as the departmental specifications that we maintain in our database.  We always look for the best value for each trip.  We understand that business travelers need flexibility but are also price sensitive, and we suggest alternatives to meet those requirements.  Our agents are wall versed in state government fares, international pricing including air passes and round-the-world fares.
  • Frequent Flier Programs - We make certain that you benefit from every program available to you.
  • Seating Requests - We reserve the seat of choice for your travelers, and continue to follow up if that choice is not immediately available.
  • Corporate Hotel and Car Rates - Our membership in two large consortia entitles you to discounted rates at thousands of hotels worldwide, in addition to government rates.
  • Meeting and Conference Planning - Our business travel department has extensive experience with meeting planning.  We provide assistance in choosing a meeting site, air and ground transportation, accommodations, coordination, smooth communication to participants and follow up.
  • Credit Card Billing/Authorization/Reconciliation - We keep departmental and/or personal account numbers on file to provide faster and more convenient processing of your travel arrangements.  We keep careful track of your unique authorization processes, and offer reconciled credit card reporting to meet your needs.
  • Vacation Planning - Whether you need student tickets, senior tickets, European rail passes pr Chunnel tickets, our world traveled consultants can arrange the vacation you want, down to the last detail
  • Communication - Dedicated email address at for reservations and any questions about your trip.  Direct line four our business accounts at 510-843-1855 during office hours and 1-800-575-3411 toll free outside of California during office hours.  On off hours, messages can be left at our switchboard voice mail at 510-843-1000.

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