Agency Service Fees





Berkeley's Northside Travel Agency Service Fees

  • Cruises, Package Tours                                                                         No Fee
  • Standard Domestic Ticketing Service                                                 from $29.oo/ticket
  • Standard International Ticketing Service                                          from $39.00/ticket
  • Ticket Exchange                                                                                     from $60.00/ticket
  • Special circumstance ticketing (includes coupons, certificates
    manually priced emergency fares upgrades, mileage
    tickets, paper tickets)                                                                            from $60.00/ticket
  • European Rail Passes                                                                             No Fee*
    (* Rush Processing - $29.00)
  • International Rail Tickets/Reservations                                            $29.00 each
  • Hotel or Car only  (with no air or rail)                                                 from $25.00
  • Travel Insurance (with no other travel product)                              from $ 20.00
  • Accounting Record Research                                                                from  $25.00


All agency fees are non-refundable.  These fees are in addition to charges imposed by individual airlines/suppliers.




Effective  April 1, 2009
Berkeley's Northside Travel, Inc.
CST#  1010530-10

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