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Dear UC Connexxus Travelers Using Federal Grants:

You have a dedicated phone number and a unique email address to contact us:  Phone number:  510-843-1853. 
 Email :

Berkeley's Northside Travel, a partner with UC's Connexxus Small Business Travel Program,  provides  our services to UC travelers using federal grants.  In an effort to make the travel planning experience as smooth as possible for UC travelers and travel coordinators, please be prepared to provide the following information upon your initial contact with Berkeley's Northside Travel.

  1. Fund Number (Federal Contact/Grant Number)
  2. Name of UC applicable campus
  3. Name of passenger exactly as it appears on ID presented upon airport check-in (including middle name or middle initial as applicable)
  4. Passenger's date of birth and (passport information if applicable)
  5. Phone number(s)
  6. E-mail address
  7. Street address
  8. Seating preference
  9. Meal preferences (if applicable)
  10. Frequent Flier numbers
  11. Credit card type, number, expiration date, and security code
  12. Name as it appears on the credit card
  13. Credit card billing address
  14. Car and hotel travel needs

We will build an individual profile for each Connexxus traveler.  Any other information regarding your travel needs and preferences is welcome.

Northside Travel has provided travel services to the Berkeley and UC campus community for over 30 years.  We look forward to making your travel planning experiences as pleasurable as possible.

Terry Regan                                                                               
President-Berkeley's Northside Travel 

Liz Nettle
Connexxus Liaison - Berkeley's Northside Travel



  • DOMESTIC AIR/RAIL                                            $35.00 (FEWER THAN 3 STOPS)
  • INTERNATIONAL AIR /RAIL                                45.00 (FEWER THAN 3 STOPS)
  • DOMESTIC/INTL AIR/RAIL (3 STOPS)              65.00 (3 STOPS OR MORE)
  • HOTEL/CAR BOOKING ONLY                                25.00      
  • REISSUE /EXCHANGE                                             60.00 (PLUS AIRLINE FEE)       
  • TICKET UPGRADE                                                    35.00
  • DOCUMENTATION (PAST DATE)                         25.00 PER INVOICE
  • PAPER TICKET                                                           50.00 (PLUS AIRLINE FEE)
  • TICKET DISTRIBUTION                                          NO FEE IF ELECTRONIC 
  • TICKET DISTRIBUTION                                          25.00 LOCAL DELIVERY/FEDEX
  • EUROPEAN RAIL PASSES                                        29.00  (SAME DAY SVC)


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